Would you like to learn how to bake and decorate cakes like a professional?

Then pop along to Chloe’s very own You Tube channel, made just for you budding bakers and decorators www.youtube.com/user/ChloesCakeEscape and get your bake on.


Chloe Hill-Thomas

If you’re a newbie to cake decorating Chloe recommend’s you watch her tutorials in the following order.


  • Want to learn what tools the professionals use? Then let Chloe take you through a step by step guide to the  Tools Of The Trade
  • Do you always end up with wonky, lumpy buttercream? Then this will be 5 minutes well spent, not to mention fun watching this simple tutorial on How To Buttercream A Cake.
  • This is where the fun really starts.. If you now have a perfectly iced cake, the next step is to learn how to create beautiful decorations with Chloe’s  Sugar Rose Tutorial.

If you have any cakey related questions or ideas for Chloe’s future tutorials, we always love to hear from you!