Hi Chloe

Absolutely thrilled with the cake, you are super talented that is for sure!
Thank you thank you x
Echo that Chloe – it was a fantastic cake and I have eaten a few in my time – thanks so much

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Dear Chloe,

First of all I am going to start with a complaint!!!  It was the most delicious cake I have ever tasted and I never eat cake so this means I have gained half a stone and will have to work twice as hard in the gym!!  Joking aside the look on Ben’s face when I presented the cake and how proud he felt when he saw how impressed his friends were was truly lovely so thank-you and I hope you are still baking next year.

Lovely to meet you and thanks again


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Thank you!  The cake was fantastic, really wonderful.  It would have fed 30, not 14, so we have a LOT left over but sure we’ll find some willing participants to scoff it!

Wishing you well and now I know where you are, I will know who to call when the next milestone cake is required!

All the best,

Petrus Wine Bottle Cake - Lolly Green
Lolly Green
I’m sorry too but so pleased you are feeling better.  Ian loved the cake and it is totally delicious…Luckily we had a small chunk left over and i just had a bit.
Thank you so much.
Sarah Hadland
Hi Chloe,
I just wanted to say how blooming beautiful our cake was. I cried when I saw it.
It was beyond any expectation I had, all the little details you had included, it honestly blew me away.
Thank you so so much
Jessica Wedding Cake
Jessica judge 
Hi Chloe
I hope you are well!!
I can’t remember if I have already emailed you, so apologies if I have!
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for our wedding cake! It was the most delicious cake I have ever had, and we have had countless compliments and positive comments on not only how great the cake tasted, but how great it looked!
I hope you have a great wedding season!
Semi Naked Wedding Cake - Chary's
Charys x

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